Catharsis - EP

by Ruin

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Debut EP from Ruin
Melodic Hardcore from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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released September 4, 2015

Ruin is
Dylan Parsons
Dexter Harris
Ryan Sutherland

Music written by Ruin
Lyrics written by Ruin
Additional lyrics on Depths and In Honesty written by Ryan Carr

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Dylan Parsons
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all rights reserved


Ruin Ottawa, Ontario

Melodic Hardcore from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Track Name: Depths
You will find me in the depths
Dragged down by my feet
Weight bound by my regret

I live inside my head
Where thoughts and feelings no longer stand
Can't tell if I'm dreaming
Or if my heart is dead

Behold; what I've become
Just another constant contradiction
You were only an addiction
Now do I fight or fall?

I know; that I've been so blind
Blindfolds made me lose sight
Alone I am in my mind and
I hold on for dear life

I put the barrel to my...

Put the barrel to my head
I know that I have been mislead
Fight these thoughts inside my head
or am I already fucking dead?
Theres a monster in my bed
I wake up every night in sweat but
They should be afraid instead
Because I'm already fucking dead

I'm already fucking dead
Track Name: A Song for a Friend
This distance
Is all that I can stand
I'll keep my heart in my hand
Until we meet again

I promised you
I will see you again
No matter what the distance
Or where you choose to lay your head

You will always be my friend

Remember the days we used to say
We would always remain
But now you're gone
And my life feels so empty
Now I'm running on empty
And so it seems
My lack of sleep
Is starting to catch up with me

And I still keep thinking back to the days we spent by the ocean
And the miles we walked around this town
But if I was gone tomorrow, would you even notice?
If I screamed would it make a sound, or would you choose to hear it?
And it's these thoughts that still linger in the back of my mind
Of those I've lost, by fate or by spite
And if these thoughts are shared
Or only mine

Come back to me

Come back to me
The weight you left when you went a stray
Crushed my chest, now I can't breathe
Because you walked away with the best in me
This distance
Is more than I can stand
I'll keep my heart in my hand
Until we meet again
Track Name: Catharsis
Cry for attention
Don't speak at all
All I ever wanted was a gesture or a thought
But I lost you long ago
I lost you long ago

Say it isn't so
Because my head and my heart
Can't take anymore
But I lost you long ago
I lost you long ago

But its getting hard to know
When my head and sense are mortal foe
So I scrawled it on my arms
Reminders to keep my head over harm

Like scars
Reminders of who we really are

I don't know where to turn to
Everyone I know is gone
So I'll just bear these scars on my own
Just like every time before
Track Name: In Honesty
I don't know
The words to say
In honesty; I'm afraid
Of all the staring faces
And now I'm trapped in this place
Is this just a phase,
Or will it always be this way?
Maybe someday
I'll own up to my mistakes

I lock up my thoughts
From those with sincere hearts
I've kept it safe
And now I'm trapped in this place
Torn apart
Ripped at the seams
I'm scared of every word I've said
Will anyone care for the verses I've bled?

How could I be that person?
The person I swore I'd never be
How could I be
What I swore I'd never be

I've never felt so contrived
Coming up with words that were never mine
But who's to say I've never felt anything?
Born to this earth without a face or voice
And though my attempt might be flawed
I promise it's not hollow

Let it echo
Like a chorus line
Its our time to shine
Raise your voice with me;
I'll grow
I'll rise
I'll live my life
I'll raise my voice

I will never be that person
The person I swore you'd never see
I'll uphold my beliefs
And I'll say

Fuck this place
I'm still afraid
But I won't let this fear
Control me